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Services documents - DVD’s

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What is a service document?

With the service document you know approximately what you can expect in terms of costs. It is about average costs. In individual cases, the bill may be higher or lower.

The service document is an important tool when choosing a financial services provider. Your advisor or mediator is obliged to give it to you before, during or after the first exploratory meeting, but in any case before he gives you advice. He is also obliged to provide the service document on his website.

Which products are required?

The service document must be provided with the following products:

  • Funeral Insurance
  • life insurance
  • bank savings products
  • Participations in an investment fund
  • Mortgages
  • Payment Protectors
  • Term insurance
  • Individual disability insurances

Information in the service document

The service document contains, among other things, the following information:

  • heather advice is given and whether this is based on objective analysis
  • Whether there is a contractual obligation to advise only for certain providers
  • Whether he only recommends his own products
  • The costs charged on average per advice
  • Advice and brokerage costs

Types of Service Documents

There are four different types of service documents, aimed at

  • a mortgage question
  • building wealth
  • employer's pension
  • hedging risks

Use the service document to inquire and compare:

The service document is a useful tool to ask the right questions to the financial service provider. For example, ask which services you will receive at what price. For example, what does he do for you to take out a mortgage? And what doesn't he do? With the help of the document you can ask further questions to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

The service document also helps you to compare financial service providers. This can help in making a choice for a type of service provider. Do you opt for advice from an independent adviser or do you opt for a bank or insurer? The service documents look the same. This way you can easily compare costs and activities.